Miscellaneous Projects

Sudo Make Coffee

Over a weekend I hacked my coffee machine to be wifi enabled and respond to voice commands. The original joke can be found here: xkcd

Wine Cooler

As a side project, I constructed a small wine cooler from scratch. It holds 3 bottles and maintains a temperature about 10 degrees Fahrenheit below room temperature. The frame was made in house from pine. The cooling is done by a small thermoelectric cooler mounted between two desktop cpu cooling fans.

Board Game

Over the course of a summer I designed and put together a custom board game. It is best described as a combination of Risk and Settlers of Catan. The rules are still currently in flux. All of the pieces were designed in Solidworks and laser cut by me.

Stirling Engine

For a mechanical engineering class I designed and machined a gamma style Stirling engine. The coils were a custom add-on and able to produce a 0.3V difference across the terminals.