Peregrine Parcel: The OXcopter


Team Peregrine has developed a unique solution to internal personal delivery within crowded, chaotic, and geometrically-challenging environments. Aerial vehicles are necessary to navigate these environments where traditional ground-based approaches fail. Challenging internal environments include sports stadiums, concert venues, and convention halls. Here, customers are disserviced by waiting in lines and would benefit from personal delivery.

Our original design, the OXcopter, features two large contra-rotating propellers above a standard quadrotor configuration: a hybrid design for ease of control and efficient flight. The quadrotor simplifies vehicle control. The large propellers provide efficient lift by maximizing rotor disk area per vehicle footprint. This creates significant efficiency advancements compared to other multirotor systems which use only a fraction of their footprint for lift. In fact, the OXcopter consumes 24% less electrical power than a quadrotor of the same size and weight.

The delivery system is designed to operate autonomously. The vending machine is responsible for dispensing the payload into the vehicle’s carriage. The vehicle then flies to its destination and lowers the carriage to complete the delivery.

The computation subsystem provides autonomous flight control, mapping, path planning, and obstacle avoidance. The LiDAR generates a map of the vehicle’s surroundings, and navigation is guided through waypoints. Heavy computations are performed off-board to reduce the weight of the vehicle.

Team Peregrine has designed and built a novel vehicle and achieved flight. The OXcopter has a 27” diameter footprint, small enough to fit through doorways, and weighs 3kg.

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